Playing Games

live journaling mindset Oct 04, 2021

One of my mentors shook my foundation last week - he put forth the premise that we are almost always playing a game with ourselves.  It is an unconscious game that comes from whatever wounds we have from our past.   There is the deflated game where we identify with our wound and all the ways it makes us small.  Then there is in the inflated game where we go all out to prove that we are not the wound.

And let's be honest, we've all been wounded in a myriad of ways so we are likely playing multiple games when we separate from our source, our power, our presence. 

Inferior vs Superior
Useless vs Over Achiever
Crazy vs In the Know

And my personal favorite and the one that when I operate on autopilot that I default to; VICTIM vs SAVIOR.   I was utterly crushed after we did the exercise to determine what our game is and even at that moment I was still hiding from the truth of my game.   It took all weekend for me to admit what my primary...

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It’s Your Journey That Matters

mindset music woo Sep 05, 2021

I am working my way thru Zig Ziglar’s ‘Steps to the Top’ and this weeks topic is ‘Attitude and Inferiority.’ Great! Something I’ve always struggled with. Reading Zig’s words, hunting the internet for wisdom, and just taking the time to ponder when I feel the most inferior I’ve come to this conclusion – Comparison is the thief of joy.

Often, we look around and compare our chapter one to someone else’s chapter eight. In the day of social media, in which we live, this is even more of a challenge, because what we see of people’s lives, is the highlight reel. More often than not, we don’t see the struggle, that goes into accomplishments. Because of this, we can often feel as though we are inferior or behind the ball.

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised that I use music to feel better. I hurt, turn on a song. I doubt, turn on a song. I feel inferior to another’s success – TURN ON A SONG!


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Becoming Fact

issues Sep 04, 2021
This past week news came out of Texas that brings The Handmaiden's Tale one step closer to being fact instead of fiction.  I am not a mother, I can not have children and after years of horrific abuse I had decided at barely 16 that I would NEVER have children from my own womb - that my genetic line needed to end.   My resolve was never put to the test and I don't know what I would have done had I found myself pregnant but at least I lived in a state where I would have a choice.
I believe it's important to know where the people you are asking to support you on your journey stand - I may lose clients for posting this and I'm okay with that.  I respect their choice to decide that as much as I demand my choices for my body be respected.
The below wasn't written by me and I'm not sure where the original post came from - I will keep looking for the author so I can link and attribute and until then I share their words below as I could not have said it any...
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Lion's Portal

astrology musings Aug 08, 2021

Today is the height of the Lion’s Portal AND it’s the New Moon. YOU decide what comes thru the portal.

Today is the perfect day to reflect on what you want the next 12 months to look and FEEL like.

What do you want from your relationships? How can they better sustain you?

How would you like the lover that is money energy to support you as you travel into the future?

Sit in pure appreciation for what you have in the moment - then say THANK YOU and MORE PLEASE because what wants to come to you thru this beautiful portal is better, richer, deeper, and more profound than you can imagine!

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Fire and Ink

musings woo Jul 09, 2021
I struggled with my fear of fire for decades and I just don’t any longer.
I have reclaimed the fire as mine and I own the dancing flames as an essential ingredient to the magic I am here to facilitate in this space and time.
For years I have had this sense of my left hand being tugged when I am heading in an aligned direction. It’s as if my future self is giving me a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sign that I am on the right path.
As I have leaned into this side of myself, the side the believes in magic and guides, crystals and energy, future casting and healing ancestral lines, I have become more colorful.
Colorful in my language (yes I really do love the word fuck), colorful in my writings, colorful in my clothes, and even colorful in my hair. It’s as if I fill up with color the more deeply I am connected with who I am designed to be.
My past I see in black and white - words on a page - the only color coming...
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Finding Words

dreams live journaling Apr 01, 2021
Trying to put words to a vision can be difficult - the English language feels too confining yet I don’t know any others - so I write and use metaphor. I mix the senses and trick the tongue.
“I splintered in time, I am shattered starlight - a soul divided.
I have been searching for the missing bits and wrapping twine and barbed wire around me in an attempt to form a false shell - something barely resembling wholeness.
As I cross space and time I see beacons guiding me to the pieces of my light that have sheltered in other shells. As we connect our heartbeats synchronize and 2 become 1.
More time, more travel, more lifetimes pass and the multitudes of me forget they were ever more than pieces scattered by fate and fortune.
A wail comes out of the dark and rage wells up inside me. Your warmth was stolen from me and I don’t recall the deal we made in the ether. This is my time to collect more pieces to me and I can’t...
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Version 5.0

Let me introduce Shaneh F Woods version 5.0 - she's not quite fully formed yet but I can sense her evolution. Yesterday was day one of my subconscious transformation training so that I can facilitate even greater change with my clients.
I have no idea yet what that's going to look like but I am excited to find out. One thing I know for sure - my gifts, these teachings, are for me first - I can not give that which I do not have.
Guess what? That's true for you too!
My clients are here in this time and space to have massive impact, and they know it.
They are the pebble in the pond, the single first splash that ripples out - changing the very shape and sound of reality. I, they, YOU, must take care of self first.
Profit from your company is for you... first.
Time off away from the hustle and bustle is for you... first.
The gifts of your genius are for you... first.
When you take care of yourself first you will...
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Today I am so very grateful for the flowing of water. The way it washes me clean. The way it fills me up. The way it overflows my heart and my eyes.
There is so much symbolism to be found in water and its abundance in our bodies.
I recently had a vision during a facilitated meditation of a vessel being held under a roaring waterfall. That the water was limitless prosperity and abundance pouring into me. And where it overflowed it soaked the ground, making it fertile, and new life began to grown.
I held that vision close to me and drank water with a reverence that had been missing in my routine for a while. That night I slept on it and the next morning as is my habit, I journaled.
“The goblet is the representation - WE are the true vessels. We need to allow the light, magic, wonder, power, prosperity, health, wildness to pour into us until we are overflowing. What overflows will nourish the dry ground creating a fertile world with more people...
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mindset musings Mar 17, 2021
Over the past week or so I have been witnessing a brilliant conversation about fearlessness. People came together and shared their truth and it was beautiful to read and take in.
I am so grateful to be a part of communities where people can have these discussions and not make anyone wrong for their beliefs.
I learned a few things about myself and my particular beliefs around fearlessness and yesterday I finally articulated my thoughts.
I don’t aspire to fearlessness. I aspire to discernment. Fearlessness gets you dead - fear keeps us safe or keeps us small - discernment tells us which. Most of my childhood fear kept me safe, most of my adulthood my fear has had me playing small - and I am no longer available for that for myself and I am not available for that for you.
I am grateful for the containers where I am allowed, encouraged, and expected to be fully me without reservation or apology. Please know you have that same safe place with me....
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Markle & Mental Health

issues live journaling Mar 10, 2021
I am so grateful that we are beginning to normalize talking about mental health. We have a long way to go and it is already better than it was 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 years ago.
My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic and some of my early memories are calling 911 after multiple suicide attempts.
I was 4 or 5 when I tried holding my breath long enough to die.
15 years ago I thought about killing myself daily - it felt easier than what I was currently going thru and the only reason I didn’t do it is I couldn’t think of a way that I could 100% guarantee it would look like an accident so Barry wouldn’t have to wonder why.
I did not watch the interview with Meghan Markle- I have zero skin in the game. But in the days following I have seen is an upswelling of people talking about mental health and how powerful it is for a person to reach out for help.
I honor those who have fought this fight and made it through the other side.
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