Wrong Side of the Bed

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I’m grumpy, tired, impatient. I don’t want to work, read, listen to music or do any of my morning rituals.
This is one of two things - I’m either in the goo or I’m on a low point of my cyclical emotional wave - neither is bad, nothing here to be fixed or solved.
Just to be felt - ha, didn’t I just say yesterday to let it hurt, let it heal, and only then should I let it go?
A bit prescient of me..... 😜
A year ago I was in Bali waiting for my husband to arrive. It would be our first vacation in 16 years (I don’t count long weekends away). I was just coming off of the most transformative experience since I started this awakening journey.
I was in Bali for 23 days - I spent the first week falling in love with myself and the rest of my trip falling deeper in love with who Barry and I are together.
I left the U.S. before COVID was first reported in...
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All the emotions

Embracing my human design has helped me appreciate and be grateful for my great big feelings. I love that I can cry at the drop of a hat or because the sunrise is just so damn beautiful.
I love that the weirdest things tickle my funny bone - particularly really really bad puns.
I love that words and lyrics can transport me to new worlds and unheard levels of ecstasy.
I love that even in my lows - when all my emotions feel overwhelming - that I still allow myself to feel it all.
I am a creature of feelings and those feelings color all my experiences.
I am so grateful for this particular paintbrush - it gives depth to every experience.
I believe all emotions are here for a purpose - those we label good and those we label bad. They are here to heal.
And, so darling, I encourage you to let it hurt, let it heal and, only then, let it go!
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YouTube Rabbit Hole

breathwork mindset Mar 07, 2021
I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole this morning that has led to the most beautiful music.
Some of you may not know that I am, amongst many other things, a Breathwork Facilitator. Note to self - add to website!
I specialize in rapid state change. I love breathwork and can do it for 60 - 90 minutes at a stretch but when a client comes to me in need I want to affect change quickly.
I build out these amazing 17 -22 minute sessions that can be pretty mind-blowing. I’m always looking for music that matches the journey.
Today I found soooooo many potential songs and because my sessions are targeted the music has helped me brainstorm 1/2 a dozen or more state changes.
I am so grateful for this work and even more so for the music that guides me.
I am so very grateful for the artist that put their all behind the music never knowing how one morning in March it will inspire a person in Ohio.
I am grateful for the heartbeat and...
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Always, Darling

Some of the greatest gifts I have ever received from my mentors are the tools to connect deeply with my future self. This song - it's as if it is the love story between the me that currently is and the me I am being called to be....
All set to the most beautiful music.
Please take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deep, reach out energetically toward your future until you feel a physical connection to your future self (for me that is a sensation of electricity in my left hand), and then hit play.
The upswell of love is indescribable. Allow that wave to quantum leap you over any fears and doubts you are having right now. Allow it to raise you above the noise and distractions.
Give it the permission your future self has been waiting for to pull you closer.
Allow it to awaken the sleeping power in you, the sleeping power that is YOU.
You are loved.
You are love.
Always, darling
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Perfect Design

Who wants to talk Human Design?
I’m seeing it mentioned in dozens of groups on Facebook these days (which makes this girl sooooo happy).
I’ve seen it dismissed, embraced, celebrated, and questioned.
And I love ALL of it.
Human Design needs to be torn apart, examined, and rewritten.
I got into Human Design to disprove it. I was so angry by what had been shared with me - I was told it was a good thing I chose not to have children, I was told I shouldn’t share a bed with my husband.
I’ve had clients come to me and share their stories of being told how “hard” they would find marketing their business or that they didn’t have a “true” purpose.
What the actual fuck?!?
Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience?
As I dove deep into Human Design I realized the problem wasn’t with its truth - because the deeper I went the more accurate and inspiring it...
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Money Love

Who here HATES talking about money? Not me!
See, today is my favorite day of the week - Thursday! Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and the Sacral Chakra - it’s all about manifestation, expansion, and knowledge.
I love teaching on Thursdays - the extra juice I get from Jupiter makes my teachings that much more impactful. It’s also a great day to learn....
One of the Facebook groups I am in suggests having a “date with your money” - we get to decide how often. Someone asked recently how often do others have their date and me being me took the metaphor and ran with it. (You can’t see or hear me but I have one of those evil laughs bubbling up right now) 😜
I replied that I have a lunch/coffee date with my money daily. Yes, I have a daily practice of checking on my money, sometimes that means looking at my bank balance (profit first style), sometimes that means seeing what open invoices I have and sending out reminders....
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Happy Tears

On Christmas Day I received a notification that someone purchased a Human Design session with me and it made me feel as if someone had gifted themselves with me! It was the cherry on top of an already fabulous day.
This morning I received a similar notification but this time they spelled it out - “Yesterday I decided I was no longer going to show up unconscious of my gifts. More than one person has suggested that meeting with you is to meet my own magic. I am ready to own all that I am.”
All the fuckin' feels! Yeah, I started 2021 crying happy tears...
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I keep having the same dream over and over - It’s hazy and I can’t see all the details but I hear a voice and a massive repeating boom between words...
The BOOM savage BOOM march BOOM of BOOM time - then a final BOOM that shakes and rattles me until I fly apart.
I don’t know where I heard the phrase - honestly, it sounds like a song lyric but there is nothing musical about my dream.
I don’t dread time marching on - I don’t want to wish away my hours or my days. I’m not scared of dying and the end of me - because I don’t believe we end.
I’ve been talking recently about the difference been sharing our truth and our wisdom with my Projector clients. My truth includes weird dreams, random musings, laughing like a loon, dancing in celebration, not always having the right words, hermiting just because, food as a love language, and that barely scratches the surface.
My wisdom is my work as the...
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The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done…..

books mindset visability Jan 24, 2020

Telling my story is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. If you know me, you’d think it would be getting up in front of a crowd. But, no. It was several nights sitting on my couch writing down my story. Let me start at the beginning.

Howard Partridge, a business coach and the owner of Phenomenal Products, Inc., asked several business owners participating in his inner circle coaching program if they would like to contribute to his next book. I was lucky to be one of those business owners and I jumped at the chance. I sat down and I hammered out 20 plus pages in just a few hours. I was excited! “I totally got this!” I thought to myself. “Writing is EASY!” I put the manuscript aside and got busy on real work…..

A couple weeks later, I came back to the manuscript and read it cover to cover. I was left completely and utterly cold. There was nothing of ME in what I wrote. I wasn’t moved, I wasn’t inspired and I certainly wasn’t...

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Pesky Payroll Posters! Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, You Still Gotta Have ‘Em!

Have you ever received that incredible offer mailer telling you that you MUST order your payroll compliance poster post haste or you can be fined by the U.S. Department of Wage and Hour? I have….and I toss them straight in the trash. I am NOT saying you don’t need to have the posters I am saying you don’t need to BUY them.

I find those mailers extremely annoying. They make them look like they are “official”. They threaten dire consequences if you don’t purchase today and they don’t tell you that all you are paying for is the high gloss lamination. They certainly don’t tell you that every notice that you are required to post you can get FREE off the internet.

I go straight to the source – The Dept of Labor They offer all the federal notices free. They even give you a handy schedule that tells you which notices you are required to have by law. (It’s different depending on how many employees you have) They don’t offer...

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