Finding Words

dreams live journaling Apr 01, 2021
Trying to put words to a vision can be difficult - the English language feels too confining yet I don’t know any others - so I write and use metaphor. I mix the senses and trick the tongue.
“I splintered in time, I am shattered starlight - a soul divided.
I have been searching for the missing bits and wrapping twine and barbed wire around me in an attempt to form a false shell - something barely resembling wholeness.
As I cross space and time I see beacons guiding me to the pieces of my light that have sheltered in other shells. As we connect our heartbeats synchronize and 2 become 1.
More time, more travel, more lifetimes pass and the multitudes of me forget they were ever more than pieces scattered by fate and fortune.
A wail comes out of the dark and rage wells up inside me. Your warmth was stolen from me and I don’t recall the deal we made in the ether. This is my time to collect more pieces to me and I can’t...
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I keep having the same dream over and over - It’s hazy and I can’t see all the details but I hear a voice and a massive repeating boom between words...
The BOOM savage BOOM march BOOM of BOOM time - then a final BOOM that shakes and rattles me until I fly apart.
I don’t know where I heard the phrase - honestly, it sounds like a song lyric but there is nothing musical about my dream.
I don’t dread time marching on - I don’t want to wish away my hours or my days. I’m not scared of dying and the end of me - because I don’t believe we end.
I’ve been talking recently about the difference been sharing our truth and our wisdom with my Projector clients. My truth includes weird dreams, random musings, laughing like a loon, dancing in celebration, not always having the right words, hermiting just because, food as a love language, and that barely scratches the surface.
My wisdom is my work as the...
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