Today I am so very grateful for the flowing of water. The way it washes me clean. The way it fills me up. The way it overflows my heart and my eyes.
There is so much symbolism to be found in water and its abundance in our bodies.
I recently had a vision during a facilitated meditation of a vessel being held under a roaring waterfall. That the water was limitless prosperity and abundance pouring into me. And where it overflowed it soaked the ground, making it fertile, and new life began to grown.
I held that vision close to me and drank water with a reverence that had been missing in my routine for a while. That night I slept on it and the next morning as is my habit, I journaled.
“The goblet is the representation - WE are the true vessels. We need to allow the light, magic, wonder, power, prosperity, health, wildness to pour into us until we are overflowing. What overflows will nourish the dry ground creating a fertile world with more people...
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Money Love

Who here HATES talking about money? Not me!
See, today is my favorite day of the week - Thursday! Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and the Sacral Chakra - it’s all about manifestation, expansion, and knowledge.
I love teaching on Thursdays - the extra juice I get from Jupiter makes my teachings that much more impactful. It’s also a great day to learn....
One of the Facebook groups I am in suggests having a “date with your money” - we get to decide how often. Someone asked recently how often do others have their date and me being me took the metaphor and ran with it. (You can’t see or hear me but I have one of those evil laughs bubbling up right now) 😜
I replied that I have a lunch/coffee date with my money daily. Yes, I have a daily practice of checking on my money, sometimes that means looking at my bank balance (profit first style), sometimes that means seeing what open invoices I have and sending out reminders....
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