Money Love

Who here HATES talking about money? Not me!
See, today is my favorite day of the week - Thursday! Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and the Sacral Chakra - it’s all about manifestation, expansion, and knowledge.
I love teaching on Thursdays - the extra juice I get from Jupiter makes my teachings that much more impactful. It’s also a great day to learn....
One of the Facebook groups I am in suggests having a “date with your money” - we get to decide how often. Someone asked recently how often do others have their date and me being me took the metaphor and ran with it. (You can’t see or hear me but I have one of those evil laughs bubbling up right now) 😜
I replied that I have a lunch/coffee date with my money daily. Yes, I have a daily practice of checking on my money, sometimes that means looking at my bank balance (profit first style), sometimes that means seeing what open invoices I have and sending out reminders....
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Pesky Payroll Posters! Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, You Still Gotta Have ‘Em!

Have you ever received that incredible offer mailer telling you that you MUST order your payroll compliance poster post haste or you can be fined by the U.S. Department of Wage and Hour? I have….and I toss them straight in the trash. I am NOT saying you don’t need to have the posters I am saying you don’t need to BUY them.

I find those mailers extremely annoying. They make them look like they are “official”. They threaten dire consequences if you don’t purchase today and they don’t tell you that all you are paying for is the high gloss lamination. They certainly don’t tell you that every notice that you are required to post you can get FREE off the internet.

I go straight to the source – The Dept of Labor They offer all the federal notices free. They even give you a handy schedule that tells you which notices you are required to have by law. (It’s different depending on how many employees you have) They don’t offer...

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Build Your Business With Books!

January 1 was the start of my 23rd year in business – hard to believe it’s been that long!

People have asked me how I’ve done it and I answer by waxing poetically about the books I’ve read and implemented. As a bookkeeper, I know you need a good set of books to run your business. As an entrepreneur I believe it’s the books you build your business on that will lead to your greatest prosperity.
Everything built to last must have a solid foundation – These books are mine. (I should state that they are not in any particular order)

See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar – For more than three decades Zig Ziglar traveled the world delivering self-improvement messages that encourage, uplift, and inspire. This book has captured that wisdom in a single volume. A little dated with some of the stories – just being honest here – but I don’t care. This is a book you can plant yourself on.

There is a companion book to See You at the Top called...

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