It’s Your Journey That Matters

mindset music woo Sep 05, 2021

I am working my way thru Zig Ziglar’s ‘Steps to the Top’ and this weeks topic is ‘Attitude and Inferiority.’ Great! Something I’ve always struggled with. Reading Zig’s words, hunting the internet for wisdom, and just taking the time to ponder when I feel the most inferior I’ve come to this conclusion – Comparison is the thief of joy.

Often, we look around and compare our chapter one to someone else’s chapter eight. In the day of social media, in which we live, this is even more of a challenge, because what we see of people’s lives, is the highlight reel. More often than not, we don’t see the struggle, that goes into accomplishments. Because of this, we can often feel as though we are inferior or behind the ball.

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised that I use music to feel better. I hurt, turn on a song. I doubt, turn on a song. I feel inferior to another’s success – TURN ON A SONG!


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Fire and Ink

musings woo Jul 09, 2021
I struggled with my fear of fire for decades and I just don’t any longer.
I have reclaimed the fire as mine and I own the dancing flames as an essential ingredient to the magic I am here to facilitate in this space and time.
For years I have had this sense of my left hand being tugged when I am heading in an aligned direction. It’s as if my future self is giving me a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sign that I am on the right path.
As I have leaned into this side of myself, the side the believes in magic and guides, crystals and energy, future casting and healing ancestral lines, I have become more colorful.
Colorful in my language (yes I really do love the word fuck), colorful in my writings, colorful in my clothes, and even colorful in my hair. It’s as if I fill up with color the more deeply I am connected with who I am designed to be.
My past I see in black and white - words on a page - the only color coming...
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