Human Design Readings for Entrepreneurs

Every human being is a piece of art - a miracle of blood and sinew, soul and starlight. Each of us is perfectly designed for our very purpose. 

Human Design is the only modality that I have found that speaks to all our vibrant colors, the music of our heart beat, the poetry in our breath and calls for us to rise into the highest version of ourselves.

Human Design is not a belief system nor is it a spiritual practice.  It is an empirical system made up of ancient wisdoms and modern science.  From the I Ching to Quantum Mechanics with several stops in between, it is a new old lens to see yourself through.

Being unapologetically you is the foundation of Prosperity.  All other pillars rest on this one simple and profound truth; You will only be truly prosperous when you release the need to apologize for who you are and how you show up in the world.

A Human Design reading is the permission slip to be the wild, crazy, wonderful you that your best friend knows and adores and the business world has been craving.


Why is this important for you?

When you understand your Human Design and lean into all of your innate strengths and gifts your best work will flow into the world with more ease and impact than you can imagine.

Just picture it; a world that has the ears to hear and the eyes to see your genius.  That just happens when you know yourself this deeply - it's not the world that changes - it's how you show up.


We can help you:

  • Decode your purpose
  • Accept & celebrate your unique design
  • Human Design Readings and Coaching for you, your team, & your clients
  • Money Coaching specific to your Design
  • Tools, Tactics, and Strategy
  • Fractional CFO Services
  • Profit First Bookkeeping
  • and more...

When you unleash the gifts of who you are and consciously choose to live into the higher frequency you change the very fabric of your reality.  

Your Human Design Entrepreneurial Journey


You are ready to go deep.  To stand in front of a mirror that reveals you as your are designed to be.

To bring awareness to your gifts and your shadows and to start a journey of deep self knowledge and true prosperity.

When you decode yourself, you release all the "should be's" and embrace all of your "I am's!"


As you stretch into version 2.0, you naturally start to magnetize all the resources you need in support of your purpose.

Your work and your words have a deeper resonance and your work starts to pick up momentum.


As much as you learn about yourself by diving deep into your Human Design, you learn as much about those you are here to serve.

Like the sun through a magnifying glass your message is cutting through the noise, your people are hearing your rallying cry, and the impact of your work is having the effect that you once only dreamed of.

A Human Design Reading is the ultimate permission slip to unleash who you truly are onto the world and maximize the profit in your business and amplify the prosperity in your life!

A 90-minute deep dive into your human design. Discover where your personal path to prosperity starts 

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