About Our Founder

I’m Shaneh F. Woods – Ring Master and Magic Maker. I’m a ‘bookwyrm’, a music lover, a candy maker and the owner of Prosperity First. I’m from Alaska, North Pole, Alaska to be precise, but please, no Santa jokes.

While my team works on the day to day tasks expected of any accounting firm I'm blessed to have the big conversations with clients.

It is a pure joy to walk this path and help you achieve your life’s purpose.

This is my passion. When we work together, and you get that “Aha” moment that leads to the path to prosperity, my soul lights up. Helping you is what I came here to do!

When I’m not having those big conversations with my amazing clients or my brilliant team I travel all over the United States in search of awe inspiring music.

I use music to celebrate and add a little sumptin' sumptin' to my day.  In fact every single time I receive a payment from a client I get up and dance to this song.


I am a Money Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneurial Accountant, Human Design Expert, Profit First Certified Bookkeeper, and a Breathwork Facilitator.

Why is this important? Because I am many things - so much more than a simple website can explain - as are YOU!  You are not "just" any one thing, you are a little bit of everything and it is that once in a lifetime mixture that ignites in your purpose. 

What is Profit First to me?

It’s a lot more than bookkeeping; it’s a philosophy. It focuses on you getting to live the life you want first, not last.

So many of us learned in business to pay all of the bills first and whatever is left over is our reward, but this is a broken model.

I’ll show you what happens when you pay yourself first in business and you’ll reap the benefits of surprising results and see your manifesting potential go through the roof. 

You are going to adore it (and me), I guarantee it.

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What is Human Design? 

Human Design is not a belief system nor is it a spiritual practice.  It is an empirical system made up of ancient wisdoms and modern science.  From the I Ching to Quantum Mechanics with several stops in between, it is a new old lens to see yourself through.

It is a permission slip to be unapolgetically yourself.  This crazy amalgamation of wisdom can teach you as much about those you are here to serve as it has to teach you about yourself.

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